The team has been fortunate to pick up a few awards on our travels...


Dalby Forest 2011

Our first ever trophy.

To say we were surprised would be a massive under statement !

Photographed here receiving the Trophy from Andy Ash.

Border Bogies 2012

First event of 2012 saw us pick up another trophy.

Once again it wasn't for speed, this is the "Thomas Crapper Award" - Yes the company is still going ! It is awarded for "Engineering and Ingenuity" - Or generally, the one that everyone liked the look of..

Border Bogies 2013

The trophy we won in 2012 was one that had to be returned...

However, this year we received a trophy that we can keep.

This was received for the "Best Bogie Moment".

Dom crashed the cart most spectacularly... And having spun over 360 degrees, bounced it off its roof and smashed up the canopy. Amazingly, he came to a halt upright on his wheels...

We have a photo in the gallery showing that for a short time all four wheels left the ground with the cart at 90 degrees to the track.

List of achievements looks as follows...


Dalby Forest 2011 "Best Turned Out" Trophy
Screwfix Soapbox Rally 2011 - Shropshire Winner - Both Senior and Junior classes
Screwfix Soapbox Rally 2011 - UK Final 2nd Place Junior, 5th place Senior
Border Bogies 2012 "Engineering and Ingenuity" Trophy winner
Catterline 2012 "Best Engineered" Trophy
Scottish Cartie Association 2012 Cartie Champion (Joint with Team Alford)
Border Bogies 2013 "Best Bogie Moment" Trophy winner
Brechin Halloween Soapbox 2013 Third fastest.
Scottish Cartie Association 2013 Cartie runners-up
Coleby Soapbox 2014 Team Winners


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