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The cart has had a stronger, slightly lower, symmetrical roll bar fitted.
This was the first welding I'd actually done by myself on the cart.
This roll bar allowed me to build another canopy using the same roller system as before as it had proved quite successful. Naturally, the back end bodywork had to be changed to match the new front...

Border Bogies 2014

Border Bogies has been bathed in sunshine for the last couple of years... 2014 saw a damp start to proceedings.

A new roll bar had been fitted which allowed a reduction in the height of the cart.

We had made a new canopy and taken the opportunity to increase the slope of the windscreen.

Run 1 had an eventful finish...
Though not on a par with Dom's spectacular events of last year, I had a real wobble coming into the last couple of bends... However, being given the time of 1:09 I discovered we were 5th out of 28 starters...  Not a bad start to the season... (I recorded a top speed of 45.54 mph)
This made me a little nervous for run 2, where I decided to have a good look at the finishing corners to assess where I should be to avoid the cone/sand-bag/holes around the grid... I braked into this section and had perfectly smooth finish... Great - I would now go for a blast down the track - Racing line from the top, no brakes... I was hoping for around 1:07.
However... The rain started as we prepared to have our third runs...
Being No 23, by the time I set off the track was soaking and I could hardly see through the canopy. I elected to live to race another day... and cruised down at around 30 mph.


Coleby 2014

This was a new event for 2014.
There is a slow start, followed by a hairpin bend....
Then the course gets steeper very quickly !

We had a great two days racing here. We even managed to get the 'Best Team' medals !

We will run here again if the organisers run it...


Worlaby 2014

Bit of a disaster here...
I'd made modifications to the rear axles to further improve the bogie.

I welded the brackets for the rear brakes using the wrong material... They failed...
No dramatic crash, but I elected to halt proceedings until we had "Working" rear brakes.


North Wales 2014

This was a practice weekend spent with Ffestiniog and Black dog.

We ran down the roads at Drws y Coed and the quarry road at Cwm Teigl.

Fantastic !
Dom described the run at Drws y coed as "More frightening than Cairngorm Extreme" !
The run down Cwm Teigl just has to be one of the best runs we've ever been down.

Many thanks to Steve Pritchard and Rick Kent.
Aside... This was the last event for Black Dog as it paid the ultimate price for speed !


Dalby Forest 2014

This was another fantastic weekend hosted by Andy Ash and Michele Beckwith.

It was to celebrate Andy's 50th.

Saturday was bathed in sunshine and the teams all had 8 runs...

Sunday saw the 2nd runs destroyed by torrential rain.
The poor visibility through the canopies led us to abandoning the racing for the safety of the cartie drivers...


Border Bogies 2015

Once again bathed in sunshine, the village of Denholm played host to our cartie madness...

We ran with an open top this year as I believed we wouldn't be too much slower...

This turned out to be correct as we recorded our fastest time of 1:06 - And I'd performed some 'Comfort braking' into the narrow finish area.

Unfortunately, there was an accident today, with the organisers making the correct decision to cancel the event before all the drivers had run down the hill.

The good news is that there were no broken bones or serious injuries.


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