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We have uploaded several videos onto Youtube.

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*** Border Bogies  ***


Andy's and Dom's run shown together.


Dom's Crash. (Slow motion version shown at the end) - This was most popular at the time !

Gerry's Run

Two runs shown together


Gerry's first run (Almost losing it at the end ! )

Comparison of 2013 vs 2014


Gerry's first run (Our quickest Border Bogies run to date )


*** Catterline 2012 ***

All our runs

Gerry's final run

*** Worlaby 2013 ***

Gerry's fastest run

Dom's run with spin !

*** Coleby 2014 ***

Slow start here... 1st Dom around the hairpin, then Gerry

Our last run - happened to be our quickest...


*** Dalby Forest ***


Gerry's and Scott's runs shown together.


Gerry's 3rd Run

Dom's 'Run' in the rain (No visibility - amazing he ran at all ! )


*** North Wales 2014 ***

Gerry running down Drws y coed

Following Steve down Cwm Teigl

Dom's 'Scandinavian Flick' at Cwm Teigl



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